Site Analysis:

Site Orientation (left, center, right)

The site is centered, it is 950 pixels wide, and set to “0, auto”

Logo/header (size, placement)

There are two headers on  The first header contains the site index.  It is 790px wide, its position is float: left and right margin: 10px

The second header is the blog link. It is 150px wide, and its position is margin right: 0px

Navigation location
Rollover, active, location states?

For the site navigation, sprites are used upon rollover.

Images used?

Sprite images are used to indicate which section of the site is currently highlighted.

Fixed width or fluid?

It is a fixed width site.

Overall content width.

950 pixels.

Grid (system?) utilizes a grid system that separates the site into halves, and into thirds.  The halves are 470px wide, with 10px margins on the right or left.  The thirds are 310px wide with 10px margins.

Content Columns?

There are no content columns.


There is no sidebar.

Footer (if present, what does it contain)?

The footer contains a secondary sitemap, and a copyright.

Background images?

There is no background image, but there is a background color (#F0EFE9)

Font substitution? (Cufon, sIFR, fontface, graphics)

The fonts used on are all italicized.  With georgia being the primary font followed by “times new roman”, times, and serif as backup.

Single or multipage?

Multipage, though the pages have similar styles, some are separated into halves, and others into thirds.

Home page same as secondary pages?

The navigation remains the same, while the grid does change.


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Site Inspire

For this assignment I found a site design that I really enjoyed though the showcase site called “”   The site was built for a Video Promo Producer (video is my thing) named Martha Mclean.  It was designed by Dale Sattler. One thing that I really like about this site is it allowed Martha to create eye catching headlines for all of her work, it was also very clean, simple, and interactive… although one downside is that sometimes it was difficult to navigate in that the projects which she had to display would randomly fly around the screen.

Martha Mclean's Portfolio Site

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My Previous HTML and CSS experience – Assignment Numero Uno

Well hello everybody, my name is Tim Hanson, I’m a second year video student and therefore have absolutely no html or css experience! None the less, I am very excited to be in this class and I’m ready to jump in and figure this stuff out.  I don’t know that I’ll be able to apply much of this to my career, but I do know that I would like to be able to maintain my own website on which I can show my work.  Anyways, bear with me during this class and don’t laugh when I ask a stupid question (I guarantee you I will!)

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